Upper Ticino: Val Verzasca, Ascona and Locarno, the Tibetan bridge

An itinerary by car and on foot to discover the wonders of upper Ticino and the colorful Ascona and Locarno

In the Alpine part of Canton Ticino, in the so-called Sopraceneri, there are numerous wonders to discover. The area offers beautiful trails for walks in nature, among waterfalls and breathtaking views. In addition to nature, on Lake Maggiore there are two colorful cities, Ascona and Locarno.

The itinerary that we present is viable by car to reach the destinations and then discover them by walking. In total there are about 50 km to cover by car, for a total of an hour or so. There are a few bends, but the roads are quiet and easily passable. For this reason it is a pleasant itinerary for driving, for those who love to see beautiful landscapes from the window of their car.

The stages of the upper Ticino itinerary

  • Ponte dei Salti
  • Val Verzasca waterfalls
  • Verzasca Dam
  • Ascona
  • Locarno
  • Tibetan Bridge

The Ponte dei Salti

The Ponte dei Salti is a true pearl of Canton Ticino. The Romanesque bridge can be crossed on foot and crosses the Verzasca river with its crystal clear waters. It is a really exciting place, especially for the colors of the river waters, and you can also find a small bight to cool off and take a bath. You can also take a walk among the trees by following the paths in the green.

Ponte dei Salti – Ticino
Verzasca – Ticino

The Val Verzasca Waterfalls

Not far from the Ponte dei Salti are three very special waterfalls. Going up the side of the river for a few minutes on foot, you will meet a small waterfall, characterized by colored rocks smoothed by the water. If you drive a little further north you will first find the waterfall of Val Moett.

Once you reach the small village of Sonogno, continue on foot through the characteristic stone village until you reach the Froda Waterfalls. Beautiful and refreshing in summer, in winter, frozen, is a true spectacle of nature.

The Verzasca Dam

Driving down from the valley, you come across the Verzasca Dam, which will certainly leave you surprised by its grandeur. The construction dates back to the 1960s and it was part of the set of the 007 film “Golden Eye” and if you are a daredevil, you can try your hand at bungee jumping. The view from here is exceptional and unmissable.

Ascona and Locarno

Reaching the Lake Maggiore, we meet two very colorful and relaxing towns: Ascona and Locarno. Ascona, characterized by its colorful houses on the gulf, is very relaxing and from here you can easily reach the Brissago Islands. They are wonderful floral parks, which can be visited on foot.

Locarno is a typical holiday resort, best known for its festivals of international artists from film to music and much more. In Locarno, the colorful Piazza Grande, the Lido and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, from which you have a wonderful view of the lake and mountains, are unmissable.

The Tibetan Bridge

The last stage of our journey is the Tibetan Bridge, 270 meters long and 130 meters above the ground. It can be reached thanks to the cableway and walking in the green. It is a beautiful excursion in an area rich in beautiful landscapes and food and wine specialties.

Tibetan Bridge – Ticino

Sopraceneri: between the Alpine valleys and the lake, between nature and colorful towns

Sopraceneri, in the upper part of the Canton Ticino, offers very varied experiences. The alpine nature, with the crystal clear waters of its rivers in which to bathe and the green paths in which to walk, offers relaxing moments and breathtaking landscapes. The colorful and typical towns of Ascona and Locarno offer many places to eat well and the many events enliven the evenings in Ticino.

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