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We offer marketing services for food, leisure and tourism

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We are passionate about gastronomic travels, which combine the discovery of new places, with good traditional local cuisine. For this reason we like to help the realities that offer the culinary excellence of their region and we want people to discover them and fall in love with them. We want to make known the beautiful realities, tourist and culinary, of a place, to those who, like us, when traveling, love to taste the destinations in all its richness, beauty and flavors.

Services we offer:

  • Creation and development of partnerships on the territory
  • Development of Marketing Business Plan, oriented to Client and Market
  • Analysis of Market, demand (qualitative and quantitative) and competitors
  • Analysis of Target and market segmentation variables
  • Planning and implementation of on/off-line marketing campaigns
  • Brand Value and Brand Identity building
  • Performance measurement of marketing campaigns
  • Analysis of customer behavior
  • Identification of new Customer and market targets
  • Analysis of market trends
  • Definition of pricing strategies
  • Dedicated posts on website, social medias and editorials
  • Backlinks
  • Newsletters
  • Networking