The island of crystal clear sea, white houses and good Greek cuisine

Geographically Mykonos is an island of the Cyclades, in the beautiful Aegean Sea. It is most famous for the parties in the old town, beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise and discos.

But perhaps the thing you love most about Mykonos, when you really get to know it, is the nature of its wonderful beaches, the old town with its typical Greek beauty with white houses and narrow streets, as well as the series of windmills that you can admire from the romantic Little Venice.

Windmills – Mykonos

The historical center and the beaches

We suggest to find an accommodation near the historical center, in order to reach it on foot in the evening. Towards the aperitif time the center becomes crowded and moving with the means becomes a stressful enterprise.

From there it is easy to move during the day by car or scooter to visit the beautiful beaches of the Island. The most beautiful and accessible are in our opinion Ornos, Ftelia, Kalo Livadi, Paraga and Elia. It is worth changing beach every day. The only thing they have in common is the crystal clear sea that varies its colors from turquoise to cobalt blue, depending on the more or less rocky seabed and the type of sand.

The Greek cuisine

One thing you should always appreciate in your travels is the food. The culture and tradition of an area always pass through its cuisine as well. And Greece boasts its own particular taste that also in the island of Mykonos can be appreciated, both at lunch during a break from the sun and the sea and at dinner with wonderful restaurants on the sea.

If you are spending the day at Elia beach, for a relaxing stop Elia Beach restaurant is ideal. On the beach, fresh food, good fish and excellent Greek wine. Moving on to the evening, before dinner at sunset time, an aperitif at Little Venice is a must. The sky is tinged with red on the Aegean Sea.

For dinner you may prefer a tasty and typical Gyros in the center: you can’t go to Greece and not try it. Or try the typical culinary specialties of Greece. In this sense, a little out of the city center, there is a restaurant that overlooks a small gulf: Avli Tou Thodori.

The island of many colors

Many think of Mykonos as the island of parties, but many love it for its colors between the white of the houses, the blue of the Aegean Sea and the red of the sunset, as well as for the good food.

Sunset on Mykonos – Mykonos

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