The Idea

The idea of FoodTripGo comes from the passion for enogastronomical travels, which combine the discovery of new places, with good food, culture, and for those who want, sport, suggesting fascinating itineraries and places where to taste local specialties and peculiarities to be discovered.

The discovery of food is an experience to be shared, through which to get in touch with a place and its traditions in the most immediate and pleasant way possible. We dedicate our itineraries to those who, like us, when traveling, love to taste the destinations in all the richness, beauty and flavors.

The itineraries are divided into two macro categories:
Food – where you will find all the itineraries in which we suggest the typical dishes and drinks of a territory of the World to be discovered. Here you will also find the Gastronomic and Drinking Tours.
Trip – where to find all the itineraries to discover a territory, its art and culture and fascinating places. Here you can choose if you prefer a walk in the nature or in an historical center, a tour by car or a bike ride.

To help you choose your favorite experience, whether it’s a trip or a long stay, the itineraries are divided by type of experience, culinary or discovering new places, and by type of travel, on foot, by bike, driving, by public transport … so you can choose if today you feel more sporty or more curious and hungry!