St. Gallen: a combination of baroque art and bratwurst

What to see and taste in St. Gallen, from the Baroque art of the Abbey and Library to the characteristic decorated Erker and the tasty bratwurst

According to legend, the city of St. Gallen was founded by an Irish hermit of the same name in the seventh century. About a century later, the Benedictine community decided to build an imposing Abbey in the name of the Saint.

The Benedictine rule provides for the study and contemplation of books and for this reason a wonderful library was built in Baroque style, among the oldest and most beautiful in the world.

In addition to historical artistic wonders, St. Gallen offers a tasty culinary tradition, which has as its cornerstone the famous Bratwurst.

What to visit in St. Gallen

  • Abbey of St. Gallen
  • Stiftsbibliothek of St. Gallen
  • Badhütte Rorschach

Abbey and Stiftsbibliothek of St. Gallen

The baroque-style St. Gallen Abbey is the city’s landmark. Together with the library and archives, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The St. Gallen Abbey Library is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the world. It dates back to the eighth century and contains about 160,000 works, some of which are almost 1,000 years old.

Old town and Badhütte Rorschach

The Old Town of St. Gallen is characterized by its Swiss style, with houses with frescoed walls and decorated Erker. Not far from the city is Lake of Constance. Here there is a typical bathing establishment, the Badhütte Rorschach.

Eating and Drinking in St. Gallen

Walking through the pedestrian streets of the old town, you will find many cafes and restaurants offering typical cuisine. St. Gallen’s signature dish is Bratwurst, a sausage made of pork mixed with veal or beef that is grilled or pan-fried. It is often served with an onion sauce and accompanied by rösti, a potato dish.

Among sausages of the local culinary tradition, there are also Schüblig, typical smoked sausages. As for drinking, here there is the most ancient brewery of Switzerland and the region is known for the production of excellent wine.

St. Gallen, between the baroque style and the typical cuisine, not only of sausages

St. Gallen is an ancient Swiss city that rests its roots on the imposing Abbey and on the memory preserved in the beautiful Baroque Library.

The historic center is characteristic and enriched by the typical Erker and frescoed facades. Among the streets, you can discover the tasty dishes typical of St. Gallen. Not to be missed the famous Bratwurst, but also the products of the ancient brewing tradition.

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