Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland

What to discover in Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland and land of good beer

The first settlements in Chur, in the canton of Grisons, date back to the third millennium BC. Several centuries ago, an important local brewery was born here. Today it is the starting point of the Rhaetian Railways, which offer trips with fantastic views such as the Bernina.

The old town is picturesque, characterized by small streets and old colorful and frescoed houses. Around the city of Chur, snow-capped mountains offer enchanting scenery.

Not far from Chur is Hedi Dorf, an alpine village which tells the story of Heidi. The landscape in nature is relaxing. The view from here offers snow-capped mountains and green meadows, just as described in the book.

What to visit in Chur

  • Obere Gasse
  • Rhaetian Railway
  • St. Martin’s Church
  • Cathedral of St. Mary Himmelfahrt

Obere Gasse and Rhaetian Railway

Obere Gasse is the main street of the Old Town. It is very quaint, with colorful and frescoed old houses. It is nice to get lost in the narrow streets of the Old Town and observe the old buildings.

Nearby is the headquarters of the Rhaetian Railway. It is a majestic building with a beautiful garden. The Rhaetian Railway departs from Chur, offering breathtaking views of the Swiss mountains, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

St. Martin’s Church and St. Mary’s Cathedral Himmelfahrt

St. Martin’s Church is in late Gothic style. It is adorned with stained glass windows and characterized by a spire-tipped bell tower.

The Cathedral of St. Mary Himmelfahrt dates back to 1300 and is located in the heart of the bishopric center of Chur. It is located at a higher point in the old town, surrounded by the ancient defensive walls.

Heidi Dorf

Not far from Chur, in the town of Maienfeld, is Hedidorf. It is a small village that reconstructs the story of Heidi, the most famous Swiss girl in the world. The landscape is the one described in the book: green hills, snow-capped mountains and the unmissable goats.

Eating and Drinking in Chur

A cookbook was written for the bishop’s kitchen in Chur in 1500 and it is the oldest in Switzerland. Today the typical dishes of Graub√ľnden are dried beef, barley soup and the unmissable pizzoccheri.

To mention the capuns, rolls of chard stuffed with pasta and meat, and the maluns, potatoes grated with flour and butter. All accompanied by the typical dark ring-shaped bread. Not to be missed is the Engadine walnut cake. In Chur in 1700 was founded one of the oldest breweries in Switzerland.

Chur, dishes to taste between the green hills and the snowy mountains of Heidi

Chur is an old, well-preserved city with a colorful and quaint old town. The panorama all around is linked to the nature of the green hills and the frame of the snowy mountains. It feels like diving into the history of Heidi. The traditional dishes are connected with the territory and hand down its ancient history and scents.

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