A walk exploring Tallinn

A walking tour to discover the historical beauties of the ancient Estonian capital

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, overlooks the Baltic Sea and is characterized by the old town surrounded by the old walled fortifications. The Estonian flag has three horizontal stripes: one blue like the sky, one black like the forests and one white like snow.

Here’s what to visit during a nice walk in the medieval city of Tallinn:

  • Fat Margaret
  • 3 first houses of Tallinn
  • St. Olaf’s Church
  • St. Catherine’s Passage
  • Viru Gates
  • Tallinn Town Wall
  • Toompea Castle
  • Danish King’s Garden
  • Aleksander Nevski Katedraali
  • Peapiiskopi Kirik
  • Viewing Point Kohtuotsa
  • Raekoja Square
  • Telliskivi Loomelinnak
  • Kadriorg Palace e Park

Fat Margaret

Arriving from the harbor area, to reach the medieval part of the City, we meet Fat Margaret, part of the ancient defensive walls of Tallinn. It is the tower that was originally used to defend the port and the City.

Fat Margaret – Tallinn

Merchants’ houses

Passing through the city gate, you see the 3 oldest houses in Tallinn. The whole City still retains the old and characteristic houses of medieval merchants, mainly of German origin.

3 merchants’ houses – Tallinn

St. Olaf’s Church e Viru Gates

Continuing down the street, you discover St. Olaf’s Church, with the tower that has long been the tallest in the Country. Continuing through St. Catherine’s Passage, you come to the other gate of the City, the Viru Gates, where you can appreciate Tallinn’s ancient defensive walls.

Viru Gates – Tallinn

Toompea Castle e Danish King’s Garden

Continuing on the itinerary, we arrive at Toompea Castle with its Danish King’s Garden, from which it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the City. According to legend, during the battle, a red and white flag fell from the sky and led the Danish soldiers to victory. This is where the flag of Denmark was born.

Danish King’s Garden – Tallinn

Aleksander Nevsky Katedraali and Peapiiskopi Kirik

A few steps away, there is the beautiful Cathedral dedicated to St. Aleksander Nevsky, in typical Russian style, built in the period when Tallinn was part of the Russian Empire. A little further on, is the Lutheran church of Peapiiskopi Kirik, where rulers were buried.

Aleksander Nevski Katedraali – Tallinn

Viewing point Kohtuotsa and Raekoja Square

The best point to see the skyline of Tallinn is the Kohtuotsa viewing point. From here you can then descend towards the City center in the beautiful Raekoja Square, Freedom Square, particularly festive and illuminated during Christmas time.

Viewing Point Kohtuotsa – Tallinn
Raekoja Square – Tallinn

Telliskivi Loomelinnak and Kadriorg Palace

Not far from the medieval center of Tallin, there are two other interesting places to visit. Telliskivi Loomelinnak is an old redeveloped industrial area with several graffiti on the buildings. A 10-minute drive from the old town, you can reach the baroque-style Kadriorg Palace and its park.

Estonian Cuisine

Estonian cooking includes a lot of pork, often stewed, or ribs. As Tallinn overlooks the Baltic Sea, there are also many fish dishes, in sour sauce or marinated.

Ribs – Tallinn

Tallinn, the pearl of the Baltic Sea

Tallinn is a small pearl of the Baltic Sea, which can be visited in a few hours on foot. It is rich in curiosities and legends, among the historical guilds and merchants’ houses. Old stories of battles report how peoples have contended the City over the centuries.

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